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Over the past 18 months, this was our conversation starter with many companies and individuals.

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Later in December that year, we independently identified and tracked the Target breach and in February 2014 we identified over 360 million stolen credentials trafficked on the black market.

Overall, Hold Security played a role in identifying and helping victims with most of the largest breaches.

In the latest development, Hold Security’s Deep Web Monitoring practice in conjunction with our Credential Integrity Services discovered what could be arguably the largest data breach known to date.

Whether you are a computer expert or a technophobe, as long as your data is somewhere on the World Wide Web, you may be affected by this breach.

The Cyber Vor gang amassed over 4.5 billion records, mostly consisting of stolen credentials.

1.2 billion of these credentials appear to be unique, belonging to over half a billion e-mail addresses.To get such an impressive number of credentials, the Cyber Vors robbed over 420,000 web and FTP sites.Your data has not necessarily been stolen from you directly.It could have been stolen from the service or goods providers to whom you entrust your personal information, from your employers, even from your friends and family.After more than seven months of research, Hold Security identified a Russian cyber gang which is currently in possession of the largest cache of stolen data.While the gang did not have a name, we dubbed it “Cyber Vor” (“vor” meaning “thief” in Russian).

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