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I need the linux server to work on port 80, but cannot see why it is not working.

High quality miniature open style toroidal transformers with tapped 0-115-230V, 50/60Hz primary windings suitable for connection to either 115V or 230V supply.

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Hi all, I had configured a linux website some 6 months ago with the following settings: Redhat 9 - http 2.0.48DLINK Gen 2 DSL504 Router Web Site Internal IP address: ASDL All was good, until something happened on the 16th August, where the redirection is no longer working.

There are no external connections since this date, and I can't access the url or ip address I have been using port redirection on the router where the I simply added the local ip address to the internet entry and all was fine. I think the problem is linux security related, but I haven't changed anything, so I have no idea where to start. Does anyone know of a way I can trace the port redirection from the local ip to the external ipaddress to try to work out exactly what the problem is?

The website still works fine locally on can also hook up a web camera to port 80, it works I can also hook up a Windows Web Server to the port 80, it works I have also tried configuring DMZ, but I prefer port redirection so I can use multiple backoffice servers for different ports.

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