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Three years later, more than 1,700 inmates have completed the programme and joining me today to explain how the programme works is Kausalya Devi, Deputy Director of Inmate Management at the Malaysian Prisons Department.Sharon Bakar has - for 12 years now - given Malaysian authors a space in which their work is allowed to be voiced out loud and he heard.

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Back in June, Professor Nigel Hunt from the Royal College of Surgeons of England said in a speech that a culture of eating sugary foods at work was fuelling obesity and dental problems in the UK.

Since we also have plenty of sweet treats and festive seasons in Malaysia, we asked on the show Dr Chow Kai Foo, Dental Surgeon and President of the Malaysian Dental Association, to find out if office cake culture and our love affair with food is affecting our oral health.

With the twin goals of equipping our inmates with skills to increase their employability upon release and reduce the rate of recidivism, the Malaysian Prisons Department started a vocational training initiative called the Industrial Prisons Programme in 2013.

But the masses are still unknowing of the existence of this sport. That Time Of Night Love, life and everything in between is show that is essentially just about that.

Listen to our conversation to Jien Yang, a member of the Malaysian Ice Hockey Federation (MIHF). Take it as a curious guide into the world of relationships.

In this final episode of the series, we’re talking about polygamy.While the traditional news media still plays a big role in a crisis – major newspapers set the agenda and nightly newscasts still reach a lot of people – the issue of who to communicate with, when, and how has become more nuanced.BFM is a 24 hr independent radio station based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia focused on business news and current affairs.Core programs include business news, market reports from Malaysia and other regions and interviews with various business personalities.The idea of ice hockey in Malaysia certainly raised some eyebrows around the office.Did you know that Ice Hockey has been around Malaysia for a little over 13 years already?

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