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Additionally, employers are not required to provide employees with personal use items, such as hearing aids or similar devices that are needed both on and off the job. The ADA does not require employers to ensure that you use an assistive hearing device.

Nor may an employer deny you a reasonable accommodation because the employer believes that you did not do something to improve your hearing.

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Where two or more suggested accommodations are effective, primary consideration should be given to your preference, but the employer may choose the easier or less expensive one to provide. An employer is not required to provide accommodations that would result in an undue hardship (i.e., significant difficulty or expense).

If an employer determines that the cost of a reasonable accommodation would cause an undue hardship, he or she should consider whether some or all of the accommodation’s cost can be offset.

For example, in some instances, state vocational rehabilitation agencies or disability organizations may be able to provide accommodations at little or no cost to the employer.

There are also federal tax credits and deductions to help offset the cost of accommodations, and some states may offer similar incentives.

However, an employer may not claim undue hardship solely because it is unable to obtain an accommodation at little or no cost or because it is ineligible for a tax credit or deduction.

Even if a particular accommodation would result in undue hardship, however, an employer should not assume that no accommodation is available.

HE or she must consider whether there is another accommodation that could be provided without undue hardship. An employer does not have to remove an essential job function (i.e., a fundamental job duty), lower production standards, or excuse violations of the rules of conduct on the job.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act employers are required to provide adjustments or modifications that enable you to enjoy equal employment opportunities.

An accommodation is effective if it will provide an individual with an equal employment opportunity to participate in the application process, attain the same level of performance as co-workers in the same position, and enjoy the benefits and privileges of employment available to all employees.


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