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Those who want to sign up with the service have to create a Project Fixup account and provide some standard dating site information on what you're looking for in a partner and, of course, some info about yourself.PokéDates users also will have to include extra Pokémon Go-related information, such as when you'll be available to go searching for monsters and love. After that, you'll have to pay per match - which is pretty steep for a dating service of any kind.Still, all of it may be worth that moment when your fellow Pokémon hunter turns to you and says, "I choose you!

Amid all the reports of injuries, robberies and people running into police cars, there also have been anecdotes of love found among the pocket monsters.

There have been a lot of "Missed Connections" Craigslist posts from players looking for people they liked and lost.

And it's certainly true that many people on social media have said they hooked up due to Pokémon Go.

While that may not scream true love, it's better than a broken collarbone. If you're already playing Pokémon Go, it's not a terribly bad date activity for Pokémon players looking to hunt as a duo - as long as you remember to look up every once in a while and talk to each other. You could take a nice walk along the river to find water-types.

You could hit up a museum in between catching sessions.

(Not at the same time, please.) And you could drop a lure at a bar with a PokéStop and reel in the Pokémon while you have a drink.Honestly, that sounds like it could be super effective.Have you been eyeing that cute guy checking in regularly to that Poke Stop down the street?Been too shy to chat with the girl whom you've seen hanging out by the place where Dratini spawn?Poke Dates, a new service from the dating firm Project Fixup, is here to help. Pokemon Go, the mobile game that's taken the country by storm, has inspired its own dedicated dating service.While the game is ostensibly aimed at kids, it's become quickly apparent that adults who remember the franchise from their childhood may be the ones most into the game.


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  3. To date the most popular and most read post on this blog has been the special edition entry titled Influential White Men Who Aren't Afraid To Date And/Or Marry Black Women. I also remember a performance Janet did at the MTV awards show of the song "Doesn't Really Matter". The pair went public last weekend at a Miami Beach birthday party for rapper Missy Elliott, where Leonardo Di Caprio and Tobey Maguire were among the celeb guests. No comment on the matchup from a rep for Timberlake, who split from Britney Spears in March and is busy making his solo album. The Enquirer spoke with a close pal of Tatyana Ali about the actress/singer dating *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake.

  4. Many couples that are dating in Maryland meet while still at college or university.

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