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Their residential areas became legally delineated in terms of the Group Areas Act.

The Cape Malay has Indian, Arab, Malagasy, Chinese and Malay blood. They are descended from Khoikhoi and white ancestors who met 200 years ago.

Coloureds were traditionally fishermen, farm labourers and servants.

Today, many still live on farms, as farm labourers and in rural settlements.

However, a large number of this community has begun to take their rightful places in politics, commerce, industry, education and the arts.

Coloured folklore and music has become an integral part of the cultural scene in South Africa In general and in cultural terms, there is very little to distinguish the coloured people from South Africans of European origin. Some 87% of coloured people are Christian; they are mostly bilingual, although Afrikaans is their first language.

The coloured people were rather closely integrated into the Cape community.

But in the 1950's they were removed from the voters' roll.

The "coloured people" is the official South African term for the country's mixed descent inhabitants.

They are the third largest population group in the country and today number just over three million.

The Coloureds (as they are commonly called) live primarily in the Western Cape.

Subcultures exist within the broad grouping: Cape Coloureds, Griquas and Cape Malays. The Dutch colonials began importing slaves from as early as 1658.

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