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While working at a day-care center, this young adult and Oakwood University graduate finished her first master’s degree in early childhood education.

The Consuegras also point out that the word “single” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone.

As one young adult shared with them: “I’m not single. I’m just not married yet.” Unequivocally, being single isn’t a bad thing.

Whether a person isn’t ready to make a marriage commitment yet, or they have chosen singleness as their preferred way of life, their existence can be incredibly fulfilling.

God certainly doesn’t require people to have mates.

A glance through the Bible bears witness to the fact that singles do extraordinary things—and can sometimes serve God more wholly than those with spouses and/or children.

A list of outstanding Bible singles might include Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Martha, Lazarus, Miriam, Elijah, Jeremiah, Lydia, and Paul.

But if a person looking for love, where do they turn?

And I cater and party plan on a local level.” While all these activities have enriched her life, they’ve left little time for dating.

“I was so busy with school and work; and every church I went to the choices were slim to none,” explains Davis. He’s been really good for me.” Davis and her guy are doing the long-distance thing right now—they spent time together during her recent winter break from school—but are making plans to move closer to each other. history, unmarried households, with 50.2 percent of the population, exceed that of married households, which are at 49.8 percent. For males the median age for marriage in 1970 was 23.2 years old; for females, 20.8.

Davis isn’t alone in wanting to find a life partner—or in trying to find one through online dating. While there aren’t exact numbers on Adventist singles in America—or around the world, for that matter—it is safe to assume that a portion of those 40 million online daters are Adventist and single. By 2011 the median age was 28.9 for men, 26.9 for women.

Annually, the online dating industry brings in .049 billion in revenue. According to Claudio, “they’re having to postpone the decision because of financial reasons, because of bad marriage experiences they [may] have witnessed, and they have not found someone who has the same values and principles.” While online dating is quite different from more traditional ways of meeting a mate, in the end, some of the same principles apply.


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