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Lodging was presenting a problem, I'd called a bunch of cheap motels I'd spotted on the way which had no vacancies.

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I said, "But I'm a comic not a chick." To which he replied, trying to muster all the flattery he could, "Oh trust me darlin', you're a chick." Okay, maybe the feature'd let me crash at his place. " No, I reaffirmed for him, hence the request in the first place.

"Well…" I almost started to plead, but he finally said, "Okay, but I'm gonna treat you like another guy.

Walk around in my underwear and stuff." "I promise not to look.

I Decided To Have A Little Fun With Angelo As Soon As He Walked In.

It Was His First Ever Casting So I Knew He Had No Reason To Question Anything I Did To Him, Or Asked Of Him.

One of the things a young comic does while on the road, is to showcase for free at clubs along the way.

This gives the management a chance to see you and makes an impression on them about your commitment and your ability.

If you're road-dawgin' the one-nighters and you're on the way from one gig to another and you've got a night off, you're going to try to save your measly feature pay and find a comic who'll help you out.

Back in October 1998, I had the fortune of hanging with some great comics in Houston thanks to Ralphie May - my first road warrior partner.

His friends let me crash on the sofa and I made dinner for them or cleaned up a little around the place. My next stop was the western post in Texas of El Paso.

At night, I'd hang with them and do free spots at clubs in town. Since it was on the way, I called the manager of the San Antonio club for a guest spot.


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