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All that and, I've always wanted to write a listicle. Here's why: Take a few of those reusable, trendy tote bags that usually carry your whole foods shopping, and put your clothes into one. Your jarring dismounts are going to make the person below you very sad, or very worried.I just discussed eating right and staying active: you know, the kind of stuff they keeps you healthy. Maybe you play basketball a couple nights each week. Stuff will come up, and you'll fall off the healthy wagon.If you already did your two active days earlier in the week, your busy spells will do less damage.

It’s amazing how time flows differently when Hearthstone isn’t a few taps away, or when you’re lost in the woods. There are a bunch of great free mobile apps, You Tube playlists, and Internet forums dedicated to something called body weight fitness. You will find a time when you need exercise and there is no gym available.

It’s amazing how our relationship with technology has changed over the last few years, and how we need Camp Camp more than ever. I love exploring new places, but travel can be hard on your physical and mental health. One that looks normal holding just your laptop, but also expands to handle great feats of holding. Buying more is cheaper than hotel laundry I just gave you some packing advice, but that's all based on my travel. You'll also remember what you miss right after you get home. You can do most of this stuff anywhere with no special equipment.

And yes, Camp Camp will be coming back next year for v12.0. I've finally gotten to a place where I feel like I'm traveling healthy, so I thought I'd share. Then, learn to pack light: so light that you can find fit all of your stuff in your awesome backpack. They don't take up much space, and hot tubs are awesome after a long flight. But, one warning, don't try to learn handstands when you're in a 3rd floor hotel room.

Instead of “How do we monetize the video rss mashup of web 2.0 rounded corners” sessions, we have Sessions like “how to open beer bottles with a lighter”. In other words, rather than using the framework of an unconference to immerse ourselves even deeper into technology, we use it as a brief reprieve from our screens and our endless Treo notifications. Smart phones have changed the way that we live our lives.

They’re one of those life-changing things that just kind of snuck up on us. Do laundry if you need to, and repack your awesome backpack right away.

All of a sudden tiny pocket sized computers gave us access to the world’s information. You might have a restaurant friendly expense account.

They also gave us always-on social networking, and a game selection that puts the game consoles of our youth to shame. You might be stuck in a hotel in the middle nowhere. Buy whatever it is you need to maintain your healthy diet.

This week Camp Camp returned from a 4 year hiatus with v11.0. I figure after about a decade of Camp Camp, it’s time to share a little bit about it. The original event description puts it best: Camp Camp is the unplugged version of *camp.

We get a cabin in Tahoe, we chill, drink, sing by a campfire, and generally don’t do jack shit.

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