Andrew garfield emma stone dating

They were seen with Garfield’s brother, two close friends, and three bodyguards, reported Daily Sabah.

Just recently, everyone was convinced that Emma Stone has moved on from Andrew Garfield as there was a chemistry brewing between her and Austin Stowell on the sets of tennis biopic ‘Battle of the Sexes’. Could it also be possible that the news of Emma and Austin brewing romance was planted by insiders to create a buzz about their new movie?

It comes as a welcome surprise to know that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were vacationing in Turkey. Because news had just started pouring that the couple had split and in fact Emma Stone was dating Austin Stowell.

Andrew Garfield and his girlfriend actress Emma Stone were spotted at Turkey’s southwestern resort town of Bodrum in Muğla province.

They reached the Bodrum-Milas Airport in their private jet.

The couple made sure they had an entourage with them.

The couple was reportedly spotted indulging in water sports as the yacht was anchored off Greece’s Paros island.

It looks like they are planning to continue their Aegean vacation by visiting Greek islands such as Mykonos.

Is it time for fans of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone to celebrate their coming together already?

Well, considering the ‘link-ups and break ups and link-ups’ we have seen in their history, it is best to wait!

pointed out that news of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield‘s break up conveniently coincided with the promotion of her new movie with Ryan Gosling.

Given that Stone and Gosling will once again be onscreen partners in The outlet also speculated that Stone and Garfield have actually “orchestrated” the entire break up to finally get rid of the paparazzi.

It was said that both actors grew tired of photographers following them around, wanting to know each and every detail of their relationship.


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