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The ongoing trials and tribulations of Arianny Celeste are really beginning to pull at our heartstrings, you guys.When word first broke of her dust up with her unexpectedly average looking boyfriend last Saturday night, we didn’t know whether or not Tiki was somehow to blame for this injustice, or even how it was possible that anyone could DO THIS TO THE POOR GIRL in the first place.All we knew is that we sincerely missed her during the first half of the UFC 146 main card.

When we were treated to the long-time ring girl’s mugshot and arrest details shortly thereafter, it appeared as if Ms.

Celeste was responsible for starting the fight, and her oddly phrased tweets that came just hours before the incident transpired surely didn’t help her case.

Well, our girl Arianny is not just going to lay back and let the penal system have its way with her… Anyway, Celeste recently told Hollyscoop that she only was forced to let her hands (and feet) fly in self defense: There you have it, Potato Nation.

This Praveen Chandra douchebag had his hands around a multiple-time Ring Girl of the Year‘s throat not once, but twice.

In either case, he definitely learned a crucial lesson when dating a UFC ring girl: never drunk text Logan Stanton on a whim.* We’ll have more on this story as it develops.

Any dude stupid enough to get into a relationship with this self centered attention-seeking young lady needs to have his head examined.

Rule 69.1: Only 'fuck' a 'ten' when she knows, acts and thinks like she is a 'ten'. No way should any dude ever consider an Arianny Celeste relationship material!! I agree i don't know what the fuck all this hype is about jeessuuss,what is MMA coming too a friken soap opera or what this is ridiculous and she isn't even that good looking my pit bull BOB has got better hips than Arianny has,i cant beleave what bullshit the UFC is comeing to,if this is head line news.

Does he even know the kind of ways that Dana White can mess him up?

He can say goodbye to his UFC press credentials, for starters.


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