Backup exec job status says updating

However, all the rest of the x86 machines are not pulling down their updates.

The same exact thing is happening in our environment right now and it has very frustrating. This started happening with the February round of patches. Net stop wuauserv Sc config wuauserv type= own Net start wuauserv This is apparently supposed to stop some kind of memory leak issue for Windows 7 machines. If you guys hear anything else from Microsoft, please let me know! I have the same problem with my Win 7 and Win 8 x86 clients.

This seemed to remedy the issue with the February round of patches but this occurred again with March patches. The message I get in is "Update is not allowed to download due to service regulation or download size limit" Getupdatemetadata3 failed, hr=8007000E I have seen some scripts to purge the sccm database for expired updates and remove them from the distribution point, so will try that after removing them from the SUG.

We tried re-running the batch file on the environment and we had the same mixed results. If anyone has heard of any remedy for this issue it would be greatly appreciated. We are also on CM12R2CU3 and seeing this too, but so far only on "resource constrained" computers. Don, That is the message in the windowsupdate log, and this is just happening on the x86 machines, the x64 are fine.

If you have the prem case #, I can reference that to my prem case, and lay some +1 action on those MSFT guys... We have about 100 computers of 600 managed by SCCM2012R2CU4 who no longer report Updates to SCCM. Everything looks fine on the x86 machines apart from it wont pull down any updates, and the windowsupdate log also has references to Microsoft update sites (doesn't look the same as a x64 log).

I will raise a new problem, but the info on this question looked very similar, and it does sound like a bug.

I have reinstalled the client a few times and looked at wmi, wuau commands etc, but I'm going round in circles.I did remove a few expired updates last month and a couple of the x86 machines I was looking at suddenly started to download their updates, so it did seem to be size related.I have a significant number (but not all) of my SCCM 2012 R2 CU3 clients not updating though my SCCM software updates. These client are however, getting my SCEP definition updates just fine.On these problem clients, I get this error in Windows Update.log: "COMAPI WARNING: ISus Internal:: Get Update Metadata2 failed, hr=8007000E" Then these machines report "Compliant" even though they don't install the updates. (I have an ADR for those.) And when you go out to Microsoft for security updates it works.Almost all of our workstations are Windows 7 SP1 32bit. I have tried all of the usual Windows Updates repair suggestions (re-register dlls, rename software distribution folder, etc.) And I tried un-installing and re-installing the SCCM client on a problem PC, to no avail. I have had some success with running sfc /scannow on problem workstations and then getting updates to work.I also tried using a Software Update Group with fewer updates (I think this is a new issue that's cropped up with Windows 7 (has nothing to do with Config Mgr) because the size of the update catalogs has grown so much recently. I will test out the batch file idea from Microsoft- thanks! I have had some success with running sfc /scannow on problem workstations and then getting updates to work.


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