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Several thousand Bahamian school children participate in BNT educational programs each year.

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Established by an Act of Parliament in 1959, the Bahamas National Trust is mandated with the conservation of natural and historic resources of The Bahamas.

This responsibility is achieved primarily through on-site protection.

The Trust is the only known non- governmental organization in the world with the mandate to manage a country's entire national park system.

Innovative, award-winning contributions have been made to Bahamian environmental education and curriculum development.

While consulting with staff members at the Ministry of Grand Bahama, Ms.

Dillett confirmed who is eligible to receive NHI Bahamas benefits.She said, “Bahamians resident in country and legal residents – no matter their income, age, island of residence or current health status – can receive health care free of cost at point of service with the NHI Bahamas plan.” Additionally, consultations continued with staff of the Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation, human resource personnel with the Grand Bahama Port Authority and Directors of the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce. During the consultations, individuals were advised about what to expect when NHI Bahamas is fully implemented.Private insurance holders questioned whether or not NHI Bahamas mandated that they give up their existing coverage. Dillett advised that persons had the option of keeping their private health insurance and further explained that there was no mandate for individuals to discontinue private healthcare coverage.Residents attending town hall meetings in Eight Mile Rock and West End, listened attentively about NHI Bahamas.They embraced the opportunity to ask questions and get more details about the registration process. Dillett explained that the “Registration drive for the National Insurance Board (NIB) Smart Card continues at NIB locations.Individuals ought to ensure that they obtain their NIB Smart Card in order to be prepared for the enrolment.” All residents are encouraged to attend community meetings across the country to become more informed about NHI Bahamas and the benefits of the programme.


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