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Initially some rumors claimed she was upset for the cover, later she denied it. Read More » So how do you manage to bake a cake fit for a prince and princess? The 25 year-old actress appeared at a recent event and was looking absolutely different, new body figure and hairstyle. She is a beautiful blonde bombshell sporting a fresh new look. She is looking super fab and it’s no doubt that she can really pull it...However, Armenian groups are not happy for this magazine cover shot. Well, baking a royal wedding cake is really, well, no piece of cake! Read More » Stella Arroyave is the wife of Anthony Hopkins. So off like a wedding dress and into a party dress, it’s time to kick up one’s heels! Is she ready for her fairytale wedding and her prince charming? Read More » There seems to be a lot of buzz about Jake Gyllenhaal’s new do. From hobo chic to classic style, join me to find out what are my favorite celeb fashion styles.

Holly’s representative confirmed the two are a couple.

Previously, Jesse dated Holly’s co-star, Jayde Nicole, but they split last December.

As for, Holly, she dated Jack Barakat for 10 months.

Kim Kardashian is in the middle of a controversy for her cover for the first Armenian Cosmopolitan magazine. Kate Middleton looked exactly like the Princess she is today, dressed to impress, with her Alexander Mc Queen designed wedding gown.... With all the bells and whistles, you may wonder about her dress, her shoes, her hair, or even her jewelry! Read More » Raven Symoné debuted a new long hairstyle and she looks amazing. Read More » You have got to see Kate Winslet’s new hairstyle. Kate Winslet has gone platinum and I absolutely LOVE it!

Jake Gyllenhaal, hair or no hair, is a total hottie! After an appearance for Vicky’s latest line of swimwear on Wednesday at Los Angeles’ Mondrian Hotel, the gorgeous Candice Swanepoel’s stick-like figure...

Get the skinny on Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel right here!

Seriously, she is just way too thin…and no I’m not hatin’ cuz she’s beautiful.

Did you think that Hugh Hefner would get back together with former girlfriend Holly Madison after his fiance Crystal Harris called off their engagement? Holly is now dating a new man: Jesse Waits, a partner at the XS nightclub in Las Vegas.

And if the name Waits sounds familiar to you, you’re right: he’s the younger brother of Paris Hilton’s boyfriend Cy Waits.

According to several reports Holly has been dating Jesse for a few months.“Holly and Jesse have been quietly dating for months now.

Jesse is a really great guy and makes Holly happy”, one source told Life & Style.


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