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I read in the paper that my brothers are being thrown from rooftops blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs for violating sharia law.

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Black white dating tumblr

Take it up with runaway slave master put her name in bold herself and ask her why she said this...

”Me: “I cant I’m busy.” *continues to like, reblog, tweet, snap and post pics on insta and ignoring my inbox*Ya’ll: *catch me*Me: After claiming that someone calling her “Becky” was a racial stereotype and would be the same as her calling a black man “Deshawn”, Iggy Azalea proceeds to call a black man (whos name is Bruce), Demarcus.

And just when y’all were forgetting why you hated her oop.

I heard the gunman feigned dead among all the people he killed. I was six years old when I heard my dad call our transgender waitress a faggot as he dragged me out a neighborhood diner saying we wouldn’t be served because she was dirty.

That was the last afternoon I saw my father and the first time I heard that word, I think, although it wouldn’t shock me if it wasn’t. Many are annoyed by our wanting to be married like everyone else or use the correct restroom like everyone else.

Many don’t see anything wrong with passing down the same old values that send thousands of kids into suicidal depression each year.

So we say pride and we express love for who and what we are. I daydream on the idea that maybe all this barbarism and all these transgressions against ourselves is an equal and opposite reaction to something better happening in this world, some great swelling wave of openness and wakefulness out here.

Reality by comparison looks grey, as in neither black nor white but also bleak. I left my siblings out of it and spoke with my maker directly and I think he sounds a lot like myself.

If I being myself were more awesome at being detached from my own story in a way I being myself never could be.


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