pros and cons of dating a rich man - Bradley whitford dating molly ward

Casting: Sherrie Henderson, c/o Dream Big Casting, 1258 N.

A mother with terminal cancer arranges to marry off her lesbian daughter to a man before she dies so the daughter will be taken care of. Casting: Bonnie Gillespie, Cricket Feet Casting, P.

Seeking women, early to mid-50s, and women, early 30s, for lead roles. Casting: Amy Britt & Anya Colloff, CFB Casting, 846 Cahuenga Blvd., Bldg.

Joss Whedon's take on blood and gore at a deserted cabin. Written by Whedon, who produces, and Drew Goddard, who directs.

The sheriff of a small town in the Midwest desperately tries to protect his pregnant wife from a mysterious presence in their town that drives people to crazed acts of violence.

An under-wraps Disney project hinted as being the sequel to Tron. Produced by Steve Lisberger, Sean Bailey and Jeffrey Silver.

As the high school clock ticks down, Brian realizes his feelings for Gretchen are more romantic than platonic, while Gretchen, oblivious, can't wait to move on to a bigger and better dating pool. Casting: Nancy Nayor Battino, Hairstyles of the Damned Casting, 6320 Commodore Sloat Dr., 2nd Fl., L.

Best friends Brian and Gretchen try to make it through their last awkward days of senior year, preparing as best they can for the unofficial road to adulthood that lies ahead. Produced by Sofia Sondervan, Nick Weschler, and Jason Blum.

A man partners with a maverick scientist to find a drug to combat a disease threatening the lives of two of his children. Casting: Margery Simkin, Crowley Casting, c/o Double Feature Films, 9465 Wilshire Blvd., Ste.

Produced by Stacey Sher, Michael Shamberg, and Harrison Ford, who stars with Brendan Fraser.

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