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Located on Okaloosa Island, the Crab Trap Boardwalk provides visitors with a fishing pier, lifeguards, multiple volleyball courts, and pristine white sand beaches.

This local hot spot is often crowded due to its proximity to the world-famous Crab Trap Restaurant.

Home of the famous Bacardi Bucket, delicious crab dip, and seafood gumbo.

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The bay has been touted as the next big tourist thing for years now, and it’s not difficult to see why: there are miles upon miles of stunning and largely unspoilt coast.

Despite this beauty, and its proximity to Nha Trang, most travellers pass it by, zipping through Cam Ranh International Airport (CXR) on their way to the big smoke further north.

While the city still has very little tourist infrastructure, Cam Ranh however will appeal to intrepid travellers who love beaches and aren’t afraid of independent exploration.

There are adequate (though by no means fancy) hotels in town and, like Nha Trang to the north, Cam Ranh benefits from a long dry season, lasting from around February to September.

Spot a dolphin cutting through the waves or vacationers enjoying a friendly game of volleyball via this live feed from the Crab Trap beach camera courtesy of Gulf Coast Beach Cams.

The Crab Trap Boardwalk is also the host of many events like the WSA Cheer Competition and Volleyball tournaments.If you can’t get to the beach, Gulf Coast Beach Cams lets you zoom in or pan across the beach view with their controllable, live-feed beach cam!Located on the south central coast of Vietnam, Cam Ranh Bay is one of the finest deep-water harbours in the world.The rainy season is short, from October until January.Though this usually just means a short afternoon downpour, there is risk of typhoon.Run-off from the rains will also turn the typically blue waters murky.

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