Can meditation help with dating

Years ago, when I first started to explore meditation, I noticed a calming, yet energetic force unknown to me.

This energetic force found its way into my workouts and something shifted internally.

Up until that point, I was the quintessential “gym rat” who focused only on the external, superficial rewards of working out.

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This new way to work with my body also nourished my personal growth, not just my biceps. In Mindful Strength, I talk about things like “higher consciousness, “chakras,” and “auras,” which may give you the impression I’ve taken a chemically-induced vacation.

I assure you that I’m not on a magic mushroom trip, and that these terms are scientifically researched and used within our program in a practical fashion.

I’m offering you much more than what a simple Google search can yield.

I’m providing a targeted approach to becoming more mindful with real life experience and an action plan you can stick with and call your own.

As a result, you will find your workouts progressively more nourishing and enjoyable.

Another basic difference is that with Mindful Strength Training, we vividly focus on the muscles we’re training and the energy surrounding those areas, whereas in traditional strength training, we typically focus on the actual weights we’re lifting (from Point A to Point B).The idea is to be fully aware of your flow of energy, movement, and presence, which serves as a vehicle for arriving at a higher level of consciousness.There’s not a demand for you do a specific number of repetitions, sets, or exercises.I’m simply suggesting that you integrate what is outlined in this section into a strength training regimen that works for you.In this program, I will provide you with a weekly workout routine you can try that caters to your own personal needs and fitness goals.This is a great starting point to get on track with a mindful strength training routine, and I’ll show you how meditation can be integrated into any exercise you choose.


  1. Robert Zink is also the Founder and Imperator General of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn. Few if anyone brings this kind of inner wisdom and other experience to the task of private mentoring and a number of different kinds of empowerment workshops.

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