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The 23-year-old then later revealed she and her beau are having a baby boy.

Sharing a new pregnancy post titled 'The Countdown Is On...' on her personal blog, Talitha shared an update on her baby bump with fans, revealing she and her boyfriend Alexander Kiwomya are set to their welcome their first child in February, next month.

She wrote: "I am so excited for this year and I can not believe I only have 5 weeks left until I get to meet my little one." Now sporting a huge bump, Talitha certainly looks ready to pop and she admits that feeling her little one kick and move around inside her, only makes her more excited for her due date to arrive.

"The kicks and movements I get from bump make me feel so very excited," she added.

"He moves around so much now and I can feel elbows, hands and feet. I still can not believe how amazing a woman's body is to create a life inside of them." Reality star Talitha first announced she was expecting back in September last year.

I remember the butterflies and the first kicks and it was just incredible.

"I place my hands on my belly a lot, it's a real comfort feeling.

Maybe she let herself be introduced as Czartoryska y Borbon - the Spanish way to use both father's and mother's last name?

I think I read somewhere that she run the London marathon lately? I found this short biography of her on the web: Tamara Czartoryski-Borbon Princess Tamara Laura Czartoryski-Borbon was born in 1978 the daughter of Prince Adam Karol Czartoryski, who is a cousin of King Juan Carlos I, King of Spain.

HRH Princess Tamara appeared in Channel 4's The Games in 2005, with the likes of Anna Walker, and according to the Channel 4 site Tamara left school at 15 and pursued a career in show jumping, presented a Thai Kick boxing show as well as appearing in Full Throttle Famous for Granada and Celebrity Five Go Dating. Tamara Czartoryski-Borbon's father is a martial arts expert, and Tamara was a showjumping expert in Channel 4's Faking It in February 2004.

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