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I am writing looking for any help (and I apologize inadvance for the length).

I have never dated an addict before or someone inrecovery.

My boyfriend of almost 2 years just checked into an in-patientfacility this past Saturday for heroin.

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We’ve lived together & I have suspected for some timethat he was on something, I assumed painkillers.

He worked full-time but alwayshad excuses for why he didn’t have money for bills.

I started hiding my creditcards, changed all of my pins, had savings he couldn’t access from an ATM butwhenever he needed money it was for legitimate things - $ for his mom (which Ifound out now that she never received), toll money to get to work, gas.

I know now I have been enabling even supplying a car for him to drive, roof over his head& buying groceries when I suspected he was doing something again.

His close friends said he had seemed better for a long time but hestill drank, smoked pot, and used pain pills (including a 3 month dependencythat he admitted to me & I saw him go through withdrawal when we weretogether).

I see now that he is someone who is not able to even have a beer ora pain pill for his bad back.

Even with everything, I wanted to see how he was in recovery& try to see how we could come back from this.

He is avery good actor and was very good at having his lies have enough truth that Iwanted to believe him.

I am a very empathetic, loving, and forgiving person and I obviously feel used at this point.


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