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You've heard the saying "don't mess with Texas." Well, don't mess with these female singers. These country songs are for women, by women, and they pack a major girl-power punch.There are feisty, even controversial, songs by such country queens as Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn, hot new songs from tough cookies like Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, and plenty of positive, pro-women anthems by stars from Martina Mc Bride to Reba Mc Entire.

Up until then the only radio airplay country music got was on rural AM stations, but the FCC expanded FM radio during the late 1980s and added more FM signals to those rural areas.

Country music received more exposure as the genre shifted from AM to FM radio.

Now that country music was reaching more listeners than ever before, the pressure was on for producers to make country music that sounded better than ever before.

Their response to country's newfound commercialism was a decade of some of the most iconic songs in contemporary country music history.

These are the Top 100 Country Songs of the 1990s: Top 100 Country Music Songs of the 1990s was originally compiled by and published on About Country. This list may be distributed freely, but please keep all credit and copyright information intact.

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  5. Each camping site, caravan park and holiday park is shown on the map below.

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