Christian geek dating updating a rancher home

In subsequent years water was added to the Campsites, 13 more sites were added and finally the electrical was upgraded in 2010.Today Skonewood has 25 campsites, 21 of the sites have 30-amp service & water and 4 have 50-amps & water.

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They planted a huge cross of flowers along the shores of the lake.

In 2010 the flowers were replaced with white pavers that now form the cross, which is still Skonewood’s landmark today.

In 1977, they deeded the property to Skonewood, Inc, a religious non-profit Corporation and appointed a 12-member board consisting of 6 men and 6 women to oversee and direct the development of a Christian Retreat Center.

Shortly thereafter they sold 40 acres of wooded property for $13,500.00 to finance the Fellowship Center, raised $18,000.00 from individual donations and Agnes sold several of her paintings.

This with a $15,000.00 bank loan allowed for the $46,000.00 construction of the Fellowship Center.

The ,000.00 bank loan was paid off in less than 5 years through the efforts of Agnes creating paintings and Art building the frames that they gave to individuals in return for contributions to Skonewood.

In the fall of 1981 12 Campsites were added with electrical hookup.

A dream that Art and Agnes Skone had to someday establish a place where Christians could come together to experience God in a natural, God Created, setting on Pickerel Lake.

They purchased the property consisting of 120 acres plus a house, barn and cabin that was later named Linga Longa (linger longer) by Agnes.

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