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5) The user’s personal bio quote is: “Will you visit me in prison?

Several Redditors dug up what might be Holmes’ personal account on Adult Friend, a social networking site for casual sex seekers.

The profile says that he is looking for a “fling” or “casual sex,” and his bio quote says “Will you visit me in prison?

” The picture sure looks like Holmes but I am no expert on adult friend finder (I swear) so let’s evaluate.

UPDATE – 07/20/12: Mediaite has learned that law enforcement are investigating the Adult Friend Finder page to determine its authenticity.

UPDATE #2 – 07/21/12:: According to TMZ, sources at Adult Friend Finder are now confirming that the profile does, in fact, belong to Holmes.

They tracked the IP address to Aurora and matched up the personal information with what we already know about Holmes.

UPDATE #3 – 07/21/12: Watch the report from CNN: to corroborate that user “Classic Jimbo” is indeed Holmes for several reasons: 1) The page indicates this user is a 24-year-old male and is roughly 6’0″ in height. 2) The username “Classic Jimbo” includes Jim, which is a common short-hand for James. 4) The user is a “Gold” member, which seems to mean he could not have signed up just today (if this were a Reddit hoax).

Holmes is charged with killing 12 people and injuring 70 others in 2012. Prosecutors say that in his website profiles, Holmes asked, “Will you visit me in prison?

Some of the evidence in dispute comes from two dating websites, and Adult Friend, where Holmes set up accounts before the shootings.


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