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It was generally not available for sale at newsstands but rather via distribution through the Catholic parochial school system.Publisher George Pflaum was a well known Catholic publisher.

The Treasure Chest had a run of 508 issues between 19, and made great use of non-fiction subjects. Return to the Table of Contents Series one, the printed collection, has the majority of the 508 issues of the Treasure Chest comics which were published in 27 volumes from 1946 until 1972.

Most of the stories promoted themes of faith, family, and patriotism and related to sports, school, and Saints. Later Pflaum changed its name to Pflaum Standard and T. Denison became part of Instructional Fair to form Instructional Fair/T. As this comic was only circulated through Catholic school subscriptions, the issues ran twice a month through the school year and once a month at most in the summer months.

Contributors included Frank Borth, Bob Powell, and Reed Crandall. While the bulk of the volumes include 20 issues with between 32 and 36 pages each, the waning years of Treasure Chest’s publication only included fewer and fewer issues with larger numbers of pages.

In the 1960s the comic began to fade and by the time it ceased publication with Volume 27, No. Moreover, from 1959-1965, a supplementary teacher’s edition that included lesson plans and context for the entire volume were included with the subscriptions.

The Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact was an American Catholic comic book remembered affectionately by parochial school students.

The printed collection comes to over 500 issues published from 1946 to 1972.

The Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact was an American Catholic comic book that began publication by George Pflaum of Dayton, Ohio, with a cover date of March 12, 1946.

It was a response to the undesirable comic books of that time with the intent to use the comics format to teach tenets of both Catholic faith and American patriotism.

Because of the connection to the Commission on American Citizenship, a main topic discussed throughout the run of comics is the balance of being good Catholics and good citizens.


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