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Adverse credit entries may eliminate some applicants from consideration.

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College comes around as high-schoolers transition into adulthood and face future career concerns, but guess what parents? In most cases, college-aged students are not financially emancipated, so parents play a large role in securing financial aid and underwriting a child’s college education.

For private school parents, tuition concerns are nothing new, so financial aid questions apply to high school and post-secondary education. Uncle Sam operates a stable of grants and loans that help ease parental concerns about college financing.

Parents with kids in private school and teenagers about to plunge into higher education may be asking themselves: The first step for any family with education bills is to file a form requesting financial aid for the U. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) compiles information about family finances, to help determine how much financial aid each student needs at his or her particular school.

By considering the families Expected Family Contribution (EFC), campus financial aid offices paint a realistic picture of funding shortfalls, and set about correcting them with various forms of assistance.

Grants and scholarships are great resources, since money received does not require repayment, but they don’t always cover the comprehensive costs of your student’s academic program. The government invests in society’s future by underwriting educational loans that are offered at interest rates well-below market standards.

Beyond gift aid, the next best forms of assistance are low-interest fixed-rate student loans provided by the U. Flexible repayment terms and no credit check requirements make Federal Direct Loans the most attractive options for student who qualify. Ford Direct Loan Program offers additional financial aid solutions for parents who want to carry some of the debt load associated with a child’s education, or graduate students who have achieved independent financial status.

Direct PLUS Loans are federally guaranteed loans that are administered through participating university financial aid systems. Department of Education, which serves as the lender.

The supplemental program covers a student’s financial aid needs, for expenses that other resources are unable to offset. To qualify, each applicant must submit to a formal credit check.

Each PLUS Loan includes a 4% origination fee that is deducted from loan disbursements.

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