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Usually, credit is seen as negative, but most people need to use some credit at certain point — to buy a house, purchase a vehicle, or finance education.

It is important that you use credit (especially credit cards) wisely, in order to avoid getting into bad debt.

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Surely, credit cards could with to your advantage if you pay off your balance monthly, because you’re using the interest-free money of the bank for up to 30 days, depending on the grace period given to you.

Also, you get other benefits, which could include reward points, a record of all items you’ve purchased, the shopping convenience, and consumer protection.

However, when you do not pay your whole balance in a month, the benefits will disappear very quickly.

In general, if you carry a credit card balance, the grace period you received will fade away and you will find yourself paying the interest on your purchases beginning on the day you buy them.

In fact, sometimes you will discover that you have paid more money in interest than what the product you purchased actually cost.

Additionally, to avoid interest fees or late fees, see to it that you pay off your credit card balance before their due dates.

Using the online site of your bank will help ensure that your payments are received on time.

Credit card interest compounds, so before you know it, the interest you owe is bigger than the principal. Use your credit cards wisely and purchase only the items which you know you could really afford.

There should be enough funds in your bank account to pay off your purchases when your credit card bills become due.

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