dating an independent woman - Dads and daughters dating

” There’s always someone who answers “30,” and only half jokingly.

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Having no established rules for this, my response was, “Oh boy, Kiddo, I can see this is really important to you.

It’s too big a decision for me to make without some thought and support from the parents I trust.” The feedback I got confirmed my need to understand the high pressure adolescents are under to be sexual.

So many girls are out there “servicing” their boyfriends with oral sex, and believing that it is somehow not really sex.

Talking to my daughter, I realized that having a boyfriend was a status symbol for her–and that aspect was as important as experiencing the relationship.

After a week or two of listening to her tell me that she is the only kid in her whole school who can’t date, we finally reached an agreement.

I told her that I believed that she isn’t ready to date, and that there’s too much pressure on kids her age to do things they’re not ready for.I said that I respect that she really wanted to spend time with this boy, and that we could invite him over for pizza and a movie so that she could do so in a family context. After he accepted, but before his visit, she told me that actually not everyone in her class gets to date, and, in fact, named a few girls who couldn’t date until they were 18.Dating is deeply symbolic in the father daughter relationship.That’s because a girl’s emerging sexuality is often the pivotal point in the father daughter relationship.Want to get fathers of daughters quickly engaged in a passionate conversation?Just ask them, “When is your daughter old enough to date?


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