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Daniele Hargenrader, aka the Diabetes Dominator, is a Diabetes Coach, Nutritionist, Health, Wellness & Fitness Expert, Bestselling Author, International Speaker, and Certified Personal Trainer.

She helps individuals from all walks of life to think, eat, and move in ways that allow them to achieve a quality of health and life they previously thought unattainable.

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Daniele kathy sexchat

The first step in any health plan is to get in the right MINDSET, followed closely by understanding what foods to eat, and that’s why she offers her Top 50 Healthy and Unhealthy Foods Guide to anyone who visits this website.

Have you ever struggled with your weight or with managing your diabetes? I weighed over 200 lbs and my hemoglobin A1C used to be up to 13.5% at it’s highest.

Now my A1C is steadily 6.0% or below, and I have weighed 135 lbs for over 8 years by living a Diabetes Dominator lifestyle.

She got tired of hearing that she could not live a “normal” life with diabetes, and that limb loss and a plethora of other complications were inevitably in her future; she decided that she had enough and was ready to accept a new truth for her life.

What followed was years of extensive and consistent research, learning, and training, both physical and mental, in order to achieve the body, health, and mindset she so desired. Her incredible personal transformation from obese to athlete spurred her passion to help as many people as possible obtain the results that she did without going through the same struggles.

True You Fitness and Diabetes Dominator are the realizations of those dreams.

Coaching, training, accountability, and motivation via a repeatedly proven system that continues to work for people from all walks of life.

Though Daniele is in top physical form now, that was not always the case.

She was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age of 9 years old.


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