Dating a reference letter

Maybe you would like to write to your local council asking them to provide a skate park, or you might be applying for a job to earn some money during the school holidays.

There are many reasons for writing business letters.

They could be a letter applying for a job, posing a question to your local member of parliament, or sending an enquiry to a company or organisation.

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Check out the sample letters, helpful hints and fantastic letterheads.

You have the choice to write a business or personal letter (or both!

Dear (Professor, Dr., Mr., or Ms.) Higgins, As part of the prerequisites for acceptance to (graduate school, the IUP honors track, etc.), I have been asked to provide a letter of recommendation.

If you are writing to someone official, such as a chairperson or a member of parliament, remember to be respectful and use formal language.

Most importantly, make sure that their title is correct.

You do not want to get off on the wrong foot by accidentally calling a "Mrs" a "Mr"!This is a fun way to learn about letter writing and to write your own letter.Whatever the reason, your message should be clear, to the point and courteous.Have you ever been in trouble for using abbreviations such as "lol" or "c u l8r"?While these terms are unacceptable in business letters, there are many common letter-writing abbreviations which can be used.Here is a short list to help you out with abbreviations you might come across: Keep the person you are writing to in mind.


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