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Bain says that just last year, a group of counterfeit ceramic Rolex Submariners snuck into the market.

“If you didn’t look at one next to the real one, and you just looked at it alone, you probably couldn’t tell it was fake,” he says.

Sie besteht aus einer zufallsgenerierten Kombination aus Zahlen und Buchstaben.

Dies hat zur Folge, dass von nun an nur noch Rolex das Produktionsjahr der Uhren kennt.

At the beginning of 2010 Rolex changed the system to individualize their watches.

By now the Serial Number will be composed of a random generated 8-digit mix of lettersand numbers which means that from now on only Rolex can tell you when the watch wasproduced.

Sometimes counterfeiters mix and match parts from real Rolex watches and fake ones, making distinguishing the two even more difficult.

“They might get a real Rolex movement and then they make a fake case around it.It’s very hard to detect the originality of it,” Bain explains.As you can see Rolex restarted counting in 1954 when they reached 1 Million. Nun aber, da diese Nummer wohl aufgebraucht sind, starten sie mit 4,7 Mio. But since all those numbersare used up they start now with a 4,7 Mil.1987 startete Rolex dann damit vor die 6-stellige Seriennummer noch ein Buchstabe zu setzten.In 1987 Rolex started to put a letter in front of the 6-digit serial number: Anfang 2010 änderte Rolex das System der Gehäusenummerierung.Die Seriennummer ist nun 8-stellig und nicht wie bisher 7-stellig.


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