Dating an antique pocket watch

Lawton (1843-1899) enlisted in the 9th Indiana Volunteer Infantry in August 1861.

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In 1899, Lawton, now a Major-General was ordered to the Philippines to command the 1st Division, VIII Corps, against Filipino insurgents. President William Mc Kinley said, "I have learned with inexpressible sorrow of the death of Major-General Lawton, and ask to share with the officers and men of the Eighth Corps in their grief. Included with this group is a copy of a letter from Winchester Repeating Arms to Lieutenant Albee signed by T. The barrel has a standard sporting front sight with nickel silver blade and a folding leaf rear sight marked "1876" at the top of the leaf.

On December 19, 1899, General Lawton was killed in action in the battle of San Mateo. One of the most gallant officers of the Army has fallen." Henry W. The barrel, magazine, bolt and loading gate are blued and the forearm cap, receiver, hammer, trigger, lever and crescent buttplate are color casehardened.

Lawton was one of the most respected officers in the U. The stock and forearm are straight grain American walnut with a polished finish. A.-") is roll-stamped on the top of the barrel ahead of the rear sight.

Historic Winchester Model 1886 Rifle Serial Number 1 and Pocket Watch Presented to Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Captain Henry W. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for distinguished gallantry in the Battle of Atlanta on August 3, 1864. Grose wrote, "The Thirtieth Indiana, most of whom were new recruits, under Captain Lawton, commanding the regiment, stood by the colors to the man and fought well." In March 1865, Lawton was promoted to Brevet Colonel for gallant and meritorious services.

Lawton, Noted Captor, following the Surrender of Chiricahua Apache Leader Geronimo This historic group consists of a Winchester Model 1886 Sporting Rifle (serial number 1) presented to Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Capt. Lawton by fellow Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, friend and influencial firearms designor and noted friend of the Browning family Lieut. After he mustered out of Federal service, Lawton studied law briefly at Harvard University.

The inside of the watch case bears the inscription: "Presented to/CAPT. Lawton fought with the 30th Indiana in the battles of Shiloh, Stone's River, Chickamauga, Atlanta, Franklin and numerous small engagements.

The top barrel flat of the rifle is inscribed: "ALBEE TO LAWTON". LAWTON/4th Cavalry/BY THE/Cattlemen of Central New Mexico/as a token of their appreciation of his/gallant service in the capture of the/Apache Indian Chief/-GERONIMO-/and his band/Albuquerque, New Mexico/Sept. At the conclusion of his 90-day service, he re-enlisted in the 30th Indiana Infantry and was commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant.

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