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They then confirmed she had bipolar disorder."I think the reason why it took so long to be diagnosed with having it is because no one really reports their 'happier periods' or their manic cycles," she says.

"It's great, why would you think anything would be wrong?

" "If a person has been diagnosed with a mental health problem then it will likely impact a relationship," she says.

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The difference with clinical depression is that the feelings stick around and interfere with your ability to live your life day to day."I would always tell someone I have bipolar on a first date," she says.

"It is who I am and it does come out to play a lot.

I’ve been writing about bipolar disorder and mental illness for 11 years. In no particular order, people have accused people with bipolar disorder of being: violent, manipulative, self-centered, selfish, abusive and many other negative things.

"I often feel like I have to wear a mask," Rebecca reveals. I know people say that the stigma is going, but I still feel like people have an old-fashioned opinion of bipolar disorder." Bipolar disorder is a condition that affects moods.

People experience two very different sides to it: depression, where you feel very low and lethargic, and mania, where you feel very excitable and high.

Rebecca suffered a nervous breakdown following the breakup of her parents.

Worried for her health, Rebecca's sister urged her to go to the doctors who then referred her to a psychiatrist.

"Pick up on all the positive things that there are about the relationship and don't lose count of all the peripheral things that are good about your relationship.

Many couples go through tricky times and they come out stronger." She adds that people should ask themselves: "Is the action that I'm taking the best? Because I'm feeling so angry, am I actually discounting that there's a possible way we could take our relationship further without abandoning ship?

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