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" is rarely heard in many places in Australia, because people Down Under still see the modern concept of dating as a new American custom that strikes them as odd.

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Australians are used to paying their own way, and that includes when they're out with their significant other or on a group date.

Whether you're meeting for an impromptu lunch or stopping at the theater later, it's not uncommon for both parties to help pay the bill.

It takes the pressure off when everyone contributes, and Australians appreciate this in romantic relationships.

Along with group dating, couples will often invite several of their single friends out for drinks, to their home for dinner, or to a movie to see if any sparks fly.

Couples often don't go out on their first dates alone until they're almost 20 years old, and even after marriage Australians typically go out in groups more often than by themselves.

Single women in Australia typically do not shy away from asking out men they're interested in.

Especially on the first date, women take the lead by making plans for the day or evening and handling reservations or other arrangements.

When Australian women ask men out, they have no problem picking up the check, at least for the first few dates.

But these get-togethers are not always planned to coax particular men and women into falling for each other on sight.


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