dating bi polar women - Dating for bipolar people

I think the only thing for me to do when facing my first date jitters is to fearlessly reject the stigma around bipolar and just present the fact as if it were anything else about it. Or maybe you’re dating someone who has Bipolar Disorder.

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You’ve got a bipolar routine to maintain, emotions to keep in check and a massive elephant in the room that you will have to deal with at some point. However, I find dating with bipolar to be considerably scarier.

And that’s because I’m going to have to tell this sweet, young thing that I have bipolar disorder ().

And, because it’s what I do for a living, I have to tell her on the first date.

Bipolar disorder, serious illnesses, are not first date material for most people.

But they have to be first date material for me because my whole life is comprised of dealing with bipolar disorder.

As soon as the person wants my social media information (already requested) or details about what I do, I sort of have to say that I’m a mental health writer and speaker driven by my personal experience with bipolar disorder.It’s disingenuous to avoid it when I know that hundreds-of-thousands of people have read my work and oodles have heard me speak about it in person.Telling someone that you have bipolar early can lead to early dating rejection. Of course, any rejection is negative and this rejection can be more prolific as the person doesn’t even know you before you tell them that you have bipolar.It might be better to introduce that information after they get to know your middle name.On the other hand, if someone is going to reject you for an illness that is not your fault and that you didn’t ask for, early rejection isn’t really so bad.It hurts less when someone you don’t really know rejects you rather than someone who you’ve invested some emotion into. I can really only hope that those things will balance that bipolar thing out.

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