Dating for once married singles

Don’t say you love someone until you mean it like 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

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For every 89 single men in America, there are 100 single women.


But, before we go any further with a few thoughts on dating we need to be honest with each other.

If dating someone has consumed your thoughts, kept your life on hold, or is all your friends say you talk about, then you need a priority adjustment before you move forward with dating.

Having a relationship with God is priority number one in your life regardless of your relationship status.

As a single adult, you have the ability to have an amazing relationship with the one who created you before ever bringing someone else into your life.

Just like Adam in the garden, you need to have a strong relationship with God first before bringing another person into the mix.

Who you are in Christ before you marry will be who are to your spouse when you are married.

Simply stated, who you are now is who you will be when you are married.

So make that the best person you can be and know who you are before taking the next step to find a companion.

When it comes to dating advice we will keep it short and sweet.

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