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We hebben goed geslapen en genoten van een heerlijk ontbijt.

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Hotel New Flanders has a glorious historical background in the accommodation business. Weer een fijne overnachting gehad in dit gezellige hotel.

This majestic hotel was once Vlaanderen Gasthof, better known as Hotel des Flanders, dating back to 1890. De ligging is zeer goed, zo vlak aan het station en de winkelstraat.

During that time Sint Niklaas was a trader's hub and this hotel was a popular junction for traders to dine and lodge, Today the Hotel New Flanders is revitalized and freshly renovated to offer you a luxurious experience in this historic building, I arrived at the hotel with a bad flue, and I spent four days locked up in my room recovering. Het personeel is zeer vriendelijk, alleen daarom al wil je terug gaan.

Mooi dicht bij station en terrasjes; heel fijn bed en goede douche (in wat kleine badkamer). Hadden mooi uitzicht op marktpleintje (kan wel wat rumoerig zijn).

Sint Niklaas also boasts the largest market square of Europe.

Hotel New Flanders is located in the heart of Sint Niklaas, just a few steps from the central train station.

With an extraordinary location in Ghent city centre and a wealth of unparalleled amenities, the award-winning Ghent Marriott Hotel is dedicated to exceeding your every expectation.

The picturesque town of Mechelen, a hidden Flemish gem, sits between Brussels and Antwerp.

Students of the world-renowned Carillon bell-ringing school provide an atmospheric soundtrack for sipping coffee at a sidewalk café in one of the town's charming squares.

Many pedestrian areas make this a delightful town to promenade about, admiring hundreds of listed buildings and monuments, many dating back to 16th century.

Highlights include Gothic and Baroque churches and the famed St Rumbold's Tower.


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