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Naturally, as a college student, your resume needs to include a section dedicated to your educational experience.

This section can include accomplishments, fellowships, study abroad programs and research you have helped with dating as far back as your junior year of high school.

Also, if you have a GPA higher than 3.0, note it in the education portion of the resume.

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An essential part of any resume is the employment category.

In this section you should note all forms of employment you have held, both paid and unpaid, including internships, volunteer work, work-study programs and traditional jobs.

The College Board advises students to "list the dates you held each position and your job title and briefly describe your most important duties." When describing the responsibilities for your employment, try to show a variety of duties related to each position.

Including a segment for awards and honors shows readers you have a track record of accomplishments that has been acknowledged by others.

When applying for a job, scholarship, internship or academic program, you typically will be required to submit a resume.

This one-page document should emphasize your strengths, aspirations and past experiences.

A resume for a college freshman should include educational and work history, awards, accomplishments and other relevant skills.

Remember that the resume represents you and therefore should be professional, clear and meaningful in its format and content.

By showing successes from your past, you are implying impending successes in your future.

The awards section can include competitions such as sports, debates and contests. Depending on your major, this portion of the resume also can include publications or exhibitions of work you have produced.

It also can include the honor of having been selected for inclusion in a program such as the model U. Depending on the resume's intended audience, you may wish to incorporate a section dedicated to relevant skills.

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