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A veteran may have brought the grenade back from the war as a souvenir, police said. In June 18, after a store employee found a grenade in a donation box at a Derby, Kan., Goodwill, deputy chief of police Tim Brant told the Wichita Eagle that people should contact police to get rid of old war memorabilia.

Most Goodwill locations list items they will accept and those they don't, including firearms, ammunition, hazardous waste and any item that doesn't not meet standards set out by the U. “These aren’t things that should turn up at Goodwill stores," Brant stated.

1752 was the first year in England to officially begin on 1 January.

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Thus the year number did not change until 25 March, so taking 1558 as an example, the dates ran as follows: So if you see a document dated any time between January and 24 March before 1752, be aware that in modern terms, you need to add a year.

In publications you may see this written as January 1750/51, the year as it was known at the time / the year as we know it now.

This is also known as OS (Old Style) and NS (New Style).

Police don't suspect malicious intent but speculated the donor didn't check an old box of goods before sending them on to the charity. "Apparently these items were 60 years old and they get more volatile with age," Det.

Deron Manndel of the Central Berks Regional Police Department told the station.

"If they weren't handled properly, they could have obviously exploded." Turns out explosive donations are not unusual.

In April, Michigan State Police turned out for a grenade.

While the object was deemed inactive, in 2014 a box of five live practice grenades was inadvertently donated to the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, according to the Ludington Daily News.

A Japanese -made World War II grenade found at a Port Orchard, Wash., Goodwill in May prompted an evacuation of the store and a police visit, the Port Orchard Independent reported.

"The rusting explosive is more than 70 years old and appeared to be live and potentially deadly according to police.

But they have no idea who brought it to the store," reported KIRO7- TV.


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