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There was a format that needed to be followed and strict unwritten rules that governed everyone, from the royalty to the labouring poor.

It wasn’t always peaches and cream for the men either, they were to dance with all the girls making their come out, if not for the prospect of finding a bride but to appease their mothers, whether because they felt sorry for the wall flower sitting by the sideline or because they were a friend of a friend of a friend etcetera, it was still the expected thing to do.

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The girls would be introduced to the men in attendance either by the host, their mother or a friend.

It wasn’t like today, where you (okay, like me) would sashay up to a fella in a nightclub or bar and wink, ‘Hey stud, wanna dance?

’ He would in turn give you a saucy wink and pull you onto the dance floor where you would bump and grind to the latest song on the pop charts. A lady could never appear eager (I clearly wouldn’t have survived back then) or approach a man, especially if she had never been formally introduced to him before.

I guess I can see why it was so accepted to have a mistress back then.

It makes me want to weep at the idea of a woman never finding her true love or happy ever after in life. I guess this is an ideal example of the hardships woman faced back in the Regency in regards to marriage; the truth is she a woman very little choice in the matter.

Fathers House parties and balls were a good opportunity for fathers and eager mothers to parade their young daughters around like horses up for sale at the stockyards.

The young women (around seventeen years old) would be dressed in the latest fashion, jewelled in extravagant pieces and educated in the art of snagging a husband.

Has it always been the gift of flowers and candy for courting a lady? I often wonder while I sit in my comfy recliner, watching regency movies or reading a new and exciting historical novel; Are the happy ever afters truly accurate?

Do they really happen like we dream, watch or read about?

It turns out that fiction is simply fiction and majority of the time love has very little to do with a couple’s courtship. Now this is not always the case, but it sadly occurred with some regularity among noble houses in the Regency period.

People married for money and station in the past, with love having little or anything to do with the union.


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