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Also not every tutorial is complete as the ones in LDP.

Its just that some times I have been told to read the official docs as they are more upto date.

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Its undoubtedly a very rich site, but I saw many tutorials (as seen here and here) to be more than 3 to 5 years old. The howtos are usually good, but many of them are seriously out of date and contain advice that is now counterproductive.

I do know and understand that it is definitely worth to go through them thoroughly at least once, but I just want to know that if for topics which are important for me as a learning linux administrator, should I also search for latest articles on same topic on internet? Check the date of each howto before deciding whether to read and trust it.

Even back in the day, howtos were not to be followed blindly.

Also remember that information in wikis can get obsolete too.

I don't think TLDP is a worthwhile resource for learning Linux administration nowadays. I recommend starting with a book, then exploring the wiki for your distribution (most have one), exploring With all due respect Sir, the reason other admins referred it to me is cause each article talks completely about the topic.

If I refer to other sites, I'll have to search the meaning of many terms through google, consuming lot of time.

Also, other sites talk about the topic mostly in a particular situation or context.

For example, many howtos start with instructions on compiling some software which, by the time most readers read the document, was bundled in distributions.

I'm not aware of any similar project that's more up-to-date.

The current trend is towards community-edited guides, wiki-style.

You get the benefit of more diverse experiences, but you lose the trust that you may (but then again, may not) put in a single author, and information is often spread over more pages and less easy to get at offline.


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