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Today's Seniors provides funny cartoon pictures, humorous stories and clean jokes.This website offers a section rated G and one rated PG.Sharing these or other humorous sites with a special senior in your life is a great way for the two of you to bond.

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Many seniors want humor that is clean, devoid of language they find offensive, without crassness and off-color nuances, and fortunately, there are many sites that offer just that.

The following is a small sampling of the many wonderful senior websites that provide people of all ages with smiles, laughs and giggles to brighten their days.

A great senior humor site, Senior Citizen Over the Hill Humor: The Lighter Side of Getting Old, is loaded with pages of hilarious stories, jokes and tidbits of funny senior words of wisdom. Other sections on this humorous site includes: The humor section of Senior Ark is part of a volunteer website that is that is for seniors, by seniors.

There are hundreds of links to senior citizen jokes, videos, pictures and plenty of other hilarious things that are sure to give you a chuckle.

Readers are encouraged to send in contributions to the growing list of laughs.

Suddenly Senior provides a lot of good laughs with great jokes and plenty of funny stories.The humor sections include: Written by a senior for seniors, Swap Meet Dave's Senior Citizen Merriment, Jokes and Fun is loaded with good, clean fun.The site offers cartoons, jokes and funny stories about seniors that many can relate to. includes a hilarious section called Geriatric and Baby Boomer Humor.If you remember a time before cell phones and the Internet, when announcers on local television stations said Read about Senior Personal Ads, Grandma's Boyfriend or School:1957 versus 2007.Take the AARP Quiz, or take a look at a list of Viagra Theme Songs.Get out your reading glasses, sit back and get ready for a groovy time.

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