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Just last week I did a Q&A session with a large group of enthusiastic researchers at consultancy firm Cognolink here in New York City.

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Starting with only a small cadre of a few interns with no real prior experience they grew into Pixable.

The unique voices and intelligence of this group of writers, editors, lead singers, comedians, video editors and producers, photographers and reporters made each individual piece of content stand out on it’s own, whether it was a story about Harry Potter Candles or something from our Senior Correspondent Robert Johnson spending two weeks documenting and exploring the real Cuba or crawling around an abandoned hospital in Detroit exposing HIPAA violations in the process.

go fly a drone in the Northeast to capture the beauty of leaves changing color from a new perspective.

We achieved what we set out to do, even if the final result didn’t end up with us becoming the next Buzzfeed. During my Q&A session I asked everybody who’s clicked on or paid attention to a banner ad to raise their hands. We hosted panels and gave talks at Social Media Week, Big Boulder Conference and Stream Con.

Our audience development and social marketing team of Loren Appin, VP of Growth and Noah Keil got so on Like campaigns.

The management of the page by our Head of Social Media Adam Gassman had much to do with it as well as the increased focus on video over the summer. We brought in and signed awesome talent like Soren&Jolles.

We had — and still have — the most viewed video Huff Post has ever shared on their Facebook page at over 100,000,000 views. Our video content became after we brought on Skylar Wesby as the Lead Video Editor/Producer that we began to battle with 3rd party viral video licensing vultures, er, companies. Pixable’s development and product teams lead by VP of Engineering Juan Soprano and VP of Product Peter Espersen did incredible work in customizing our content management system from scratch.

That’s nearly double what Buzzfeed’s Obama video has. They were able to handle traffic blasts of up to 38,000 people on the site at once whenever an influencer would share a post, build and continually improve user experience, launch an absolutely wonderful and easy to use content creation tool, continuously improve the functionality of our app and are genuinely fantastic to work with people who know how to get stuff done.

Pixable wouldn’t exist without them, and you can read about all of them at the end of this post. Pixable’s Director of UX and Design Alfred Astor-Tubert and Senior Visual Designer Alan Tran took us through various improvements to the look and feel of the brand over the course of the pivot, constantly striving for something unique and beautiful.


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