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The first meeting of the Barbados Assembly was held in 1639.

The initial location known as the "Sessions House" which was situated in the Marlhill, which is now known as Spry Street.

Sittings of both House and Senate are usually held once per month, with other meetings called as necessary.

The House sits on Tuesdays beginning at am, and are broadcast live on the local radio station, Quality 100.7 FM. The Parliament of Barbados is the third oldest legislature in the Americas (behind The Virginia House of Burgesses, and Bermuda House of Assembly), and is among the oldest in the Commonwealth of Nations.

The genesis of a legislature in Barbados was introduced by Governor Henry Hawley, creating a structure of governance to Barbados, itself patterned after the Parliament of England).

The then unicameral Parliament originally was tasked with establishing a system of laws and was completely under the domination of the island's planter-class.

Both houses sit in separate chambers in the Parliament Buildings (commonly known as "The Public Buildings"), in the national capital Bridgetown in Saint Michael.

The Senate is made up of twenty-one Senators and The Queen (therein represented by the Governor-General), while the House consists of thirty Members of Parliament (MPs) in addition to the Honourable Speaker of the House.

Members to serve in the Cabinet of Barbados may be chosen by the Prime Minister from either the House of Assembly or Senate, In theory, supreme legislative power is vested in the Queen-in-Parliament; in practice during modern times, real power is vested in the House of Assembly, as the Governor-General generally acts on the advice of the Prime Minister and the powers of the Senate have been limited.

so the structure, functions, and procedures of the parliament are based on the Westminster system of government.

In 1668 the State House was destroyed by a great fire started by an explosion of the Bridgetown military magazine.

Over the next century, the colony’s elected officials assembled at various locations all over Bridgetown, which were rented taverns and homes of local merchants and landlords.

The Roebuck Tavern located on Roebuck Street was a favourite assembly point and was also owned by Henry Hawley.


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