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As I got ready, I realized I needed to go the ATM to get cash.

She is a woman of firsts for the family: first to leave India for the west, first to become extremely successful at a young age, and by far the most shocking, the first to get a divorce.

Though she never dated and remarried, my mother has taught me more about relationships than anyone else.

More importantly, her advice may not always be groundbreaking, but her openness and method of delivery is definitely another first for my Indian family.

My mother is a firm believer in the proverbial mission statement as a projection of where he is going, and that should be discussed immediately on a first date.

More than dating someone with ambition, it is the communication that my mother stresses here.

By getting the background and roadmap up front, you can immediately see if the two of you are on the same page in your relationship.

One day, my mother was visiting as I was prepping for a date.

The following are some classic tips my mother has given me in her own way, to shape my views of dating.

I can’t talk to a guy without my mother screaming, “Did you read his resume?

” Calm down, Mom, it’s just the Dominos delivery guy.

You know how some resumes have the mission statement and goals portion at the top?


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