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We offer camping trips for the truly adventurous or estancia hopping for riders wanting more comfort.

What better way to see the Argentinean flora and fauna than on one of these amazing, remote horseback trails.

In particular look out for armadillos, guanco, the indigenous monkey puzzle trees and perhaps best of all, condors riding the thermals- catch a feather for your gaucho hat! Since they were brought from Europe in the time of the Spanish conquests, horses have played a major role in the people and culture of Argentina.

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The most common breed of horse is the Criollo, the national horse of Argentina.

This sure-footed breed is known for its stamina and endurance - the perfect horse on your perfect Argentinean horseriding holiday.

You may be lucky enough to time your riding holiday to coincide with a local festival.

In this case Argentina has many exciting trails to offer.

Head for the magnificent and immense Andes Mountains.

Enjoy the truly stunning views and solitude of the massive snow covered volcanic peaks or even follow in the steps of the Spanish conquistadors and cross over the Andes from Chile into Argentina for the ultimate horse riding holiday.

Another option is to ride along ancient Inca trails.

Horse riding holidays in Argentina, South America are a natural way to explore the culture and landscapes that make Agentina so special.

The vast estancias - cattle ranches - with their impressive haciendas - estate houses - have been passed down through families for many years, some dating back even into the 17th century. Why not try a chukka or two while on an estancia, probably against the gauchos, or go for a whole week of immersion into this addictive sport on a polo horse riding holiday.

Luckily for us many estancias, though still traditional, authentic working cattle farms, now welcome guests. If you haven't played before lessons can be arranged, but we can't guarantee that the gauchos will let you win!

They make for an upmarket and relaxing based horse riding holiday. Of course you may not want an estancia stay but seek a more challenging horseback holiday.

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