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Sport psychologists can help these individuals increase their motivation and tackle any related concerns. Sports organizations for young people may hire a sport psychologist to educate coaches about how to help kids enjoy sports and how to promote healthy self-esteem in participants.

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How sport psychology helps athletes When basketball player Ron Artest of the Los Angeles Lakers credited psychological help for some of his success on the court, some commentators took that as evidence that he was crazy.

To the contrary: Professional athletes like Artest would be crazy not to seek help from professionals like sport psychologists.

While coaches typically focus on the physical side of sport, sport psychologists focus on athletes’ minds.

Sport psychologists can help athletes — professionals and amateurs alike — achieve their goals.

What sport psychologists do Some athletes seek help from a sport psychologist or other exercise and sport psychology professional when they have a problem.

They might become anxious or lose focus during competition, for example.

They might have trouble communicating with teammates, controlling their temper or even just motivating themselves to exercise. But athletes don’t just consult sports psychologists when they’re having difficulties.


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