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This was yet another victory for Allof MP3in court. And to think it's coming from a former Communist country.

Read more: Music almost for free (in Russian), Vedomosti Court rules that Allof MP3operated within the law, Allof MP3 Blog Когда вы будете доставлять людям радость? The service IS up and running and you can have your All Of MP3 account migrated to their new service MP3Sparks in this thread on our forum: know that when you buy music from this company, the artist does not make any money at all. They do not have permission from the artists to sell their music--the artists don't even know that they are on there, and the artists are not being paid for their work. They got by on a technicality, but they are stealing other people's property and selling it for a profit. My comment is that "if" we didn't have to pay nearly a US dollar for each song, that perhaps, just perhaps we would use a site that provides money to the artist. Anyway I LOVE Allof Mp3 and WILL use it as soon as it is up and running. Now, if they've run off with my remaining credit balance, then you can say they're thieves.

Я жду к новому году,что всё разрешится. Please think about this before conitnuing to do business with this unethical company. Perhaps, as a gesture of goodwill, they will allow us tried and true account holders to get a "discount" when they're up and running again?

Everyone who uses allofmp3 has chosen to pay for quality and choice, rather than free downloads via P2P.

You can transfer the amount to The Netherlands, Postbank, account number 5072152. I regret very much that you are unable to deliver any further services. MP3right after getting your All Of MP3 username migrated to MP3Sparks in our forum: Your money is not gone - they are just waiting for you :-) I hope allofmp3 will be back with us soon.

I have enjoyed being able to purchase legal versions of music outside of the greedy american music market (I do respect copyright laws, whatever the country; artists need to eat too).

Capitolism's cornerstone is greed, upon which America, the United States, is founded.

Instead of fighting allofmp3, the music industry should embrace their excellent way of selling music and accept their offer of royalty payments.

I'm happy to pay for music; I'm just not prepared to pay itunes extortionate prices, nor -30 for a CD.

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