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Vor allem für jene geeignet, die mehr Erfolg bei Frauen haben möchten und die sie besser verstehen wollen.

The foundation for the Double Your Dating series is an ebook which claims to help men "demystify" much of what goes into attraction.

Following the ebook, De Angelo created further materials in the series, including a second ebook, as well as several ebooklets, seminars on DVDs and CDs covering various topics (notably the Advanced and Mastery series, as well as Meeting Women Online, Deep Inner Game, Power Sexuality, On Being a Man, Cocky Comedy and Body Language and several others), and the monthly Interviews with Dating Gurus CD subscription.

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Many of the guests that appear in his interview series also appear in his seminars and programs.

Unlike most dating gurus, who offer outward tricks and techniques that can make you act like a man that women find attractive.

David Deangelo offers ways to change you to become a man that women find attractive.

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  1. When a relationship ends, one of two things is typically happening.

  2. The oldest building in the town is the Ayia Napa monastery which is build around 1500. Far in the past the area around the town was forest.

  3. Through membership dues, contributions and volunteer commitments, the goals of PAWS will be achieved.

  4. Indiana is one of many states throughout the country that offers marriage equality, in terms of gay and lesbian relationships.

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