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"For viewers, it's about letting me experience this for you.

I'll take the bumps and bruises." Easy for him to say.

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NBC's crew includes a TV veteran known for high profile sports -- NHL analyst Pierre Mc Guire -- working a sport rarely seen on air outside the Games: Mc Guire is now calling goal scoring with water at higher temperatures as a water polo reporter in Rio.

Then there are some roles that seem sort of out of left field.

Pat Croce, the former part owner and president of the NBA Philadelphia 76ers, returns as a Taekwando analyst.

But then, he is a first degree black belt who's competed internationally.

(And, of course, he used to tangle with big-time sports agents.) So, it shouldn't surprise that there's room for at least one ex-NFL player such as Jones, who played 11 seasons with the New York Giants and Philadelphia before retiring from Cincinnati after the 2010 season.

NBC has dubbed his reports, which will pop up daily, as Fortunately for all of us, the planet got sufficient blocking to remain spinning.

But not before Jones's novel off-season cross-training included trying sports such as schwingen in Switzerland - a type of wrestling on saw dust that involves grabbing opponents' belts and trousers - as well as beach volleyball in Rio and rugby in England.

Rookie NBC Olympic reporter Dhani Jones says he's ready to do just about anything that anybody will let him do in Rio.

His job, he says in an interview, "is a great opportunity to be anywhere and everywhere during the Olympics." As long as they let him into venues, he says he "might jump off the 10-meter diving board.

Or, if (USA Woman's Soccer Goalie) Hope Solo gives me her gloves, the team could shoot on me.

Ok, maybe not rhythmic gymnastics, but I have dreamt about dressage. " Jones expects he'll also report on dancing - the Bossa Nova, after all, was born in Brazil - but says he's also take some knocks.


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