Direct tv tivo not updating time

Add note about recent problems with Cisco Updated Oct 14th 2015 - Add notes about potential risks using Roamio 4TB image for BOLT.

Updated Mar 26th 2015 - Fix typo that suggested 2TB drives were limited to Roamio and Premiere.

Updated Mar 1st 2015 - Include new Tivo Roamio OTA to list of supported models.

Updated Jan 20th 2015 - Add more detail about when setting the drive power management may not work.

Updated Jan 12th 2015 - Clarify recommended hard drives and updated model numbers.

Updated Aug 3rd 2016 - Update Tivo Bolt instructions since 3TB drives now appear to work without formatting on the latest Tivo Bolts. Updated June 1st 2016 - Add note about deactivating apps such as VUDU before moving a drive to another Tivo. Updated May 28th 2016 - Add note that while Premier supports 4TB drives only 2.3TB will be used.

Updated May 6th 2016 - Remove Updated Apr 10th 2016 - Win MFS registration page is now a scam page.

Remove the link and just link to the file directly so no registration is needed. Updated Feb 16th 2016 - Update Bolt drive options, fix paypal link and add note about needing a T-9 on the Bolt - Thanks Gary. Updated Nov 13th 2015 - Complete rework of Roamio and BOLT methods to reflect latest approaches and support 3,4,5 and 6 TB drives. Updated Nov 11th 2015 - Fix typos and add additional info in places.

Updated Feb 2nd 2016 - Update blessing method for Roamio and BOLT. Add note about not using Tivo Mini Power Supply (thanks to Richard Wilcox).

Updated Dec 9th 2014 - Update procedure for recovery boot of Ti Vo Roamios.

Updated Oct 26th 2014 - Simplify which method works with which Ti Vo Model and update list of recommended hard drives. Updated Apr 14th 2014 - Add note about Roamio Torx screw being smaller.

Updated Jan 15th 2014 - Add instructions for recovering a faulty hard drive.

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